What are the genetic origins of Autism: Nobody knows ….. yet.

Here’s a link to a recent artcle from the New York Times on a large scale study investigating genetic markers for autism. Turns out, the science is really complex and at this stage prediction about genetic risk factors in families is fairly dodgy. However, the positive news is that the research is ongoing and seemingly [...]

What is a cognitive assessment?

Sometimes, families are asked by their child’s school to obtain a cognitive assessment.  A cognitive assessment looks at the intellectual skills that are required to support learning in the school environment.  It’s basically a fancy IQ test! There are several instances in which a cognitive assessment could be very useful, but there are also times [...]

Super Fussy Eaters – Listen to this!

The new DSM-5, the latest diagnostic manual of psychological disorders, apparently lists a new one – Selective Eating Disorder.  These are the super-fussy kids, who really struggle to put different foods in their mouths.  This is much more than just being finicky and is classed as a phobic response to foods that look and feel [...]

Great titles to add to your reading list

This is my must-have list of books for parents trying to find out more. They are sure to rock your parenting world! Raising Resilient Children by Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein. Sam Goldstein spoke in Melbourne a few years ago and was truly inspirational.     Helping Your Anxious Child by Ron Rapee and others. [...]

Barbara Arrowsmith is back!

Barbara Arrowsmith, the popular writer about neuroplasticity and learning, was in Melbourne last year talking about her brain-changing theories.  Catholic Education in Sydney has also announced a research project trialing the Arrowsmith model for selected students with learning difficulties. Follow this link to find out more: http://www.arrowsmithschool.org/arrowsmithprogram/pdf/ceo%20media%20release%20for%20arrowsmith%20project.pdf

Heard about mindfulness?

Several years ago I did some Mindfulness meditation training with Dr Craig Hassad, a lecturer at Monash Uni. A few weeks ago I heard him talking about his new book “Mindfulness for Life” on ABC radio. The book encapsulates the science and practice of mindfulness, a form of meditation that aims to raise awareness of [...]

Social Stories

Carol Gray was captivating at the Victorian Autism conference in August.The entire audience was furiously scribbling notes and photographing her power point slides.Alas, I only worked out I could have been recording her with my iPhone about three quarters of the way through! Carol provided lots of tips to troubleshoot Social Stories and discussed the [...]