My fees

  • Therapy/ counselling session, $220 per 55 minute session ($230 outside regular clinic hours)
  • Autism assessments $275 per 55 minute session over either 3 or 4 sessions.Extra costs will be incurred if a Kinder or school visit is required to supplement the clinic assessment.
  • Intellectual assessment (WISC/ WPPSI), $800
  • Comprehensive Intellectual and Educational Assessment , $1600
  • Out-of-office consultations, $240 for counselling; $290 as part of an assessment
  • Travel time for out-of-office consultations, negotiable
  • Appointment cancellation at short notice,50% of scheduled fee

Medicare better access to mental health care rebates

You do not need to be referred by a  medical practitioner, but with an appropriate referral you may be entitled to a rebate from Medicare. A GP may provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) under the Better Access Initiative.  In order to obtain a MHCP, book a long appointment with your GP. Discuss your particular situation with them and they will determine whether they consider this to be an appropriate mental health referral. Please note that in addition to completing the MHCP, your GP will need to provide you with a note or letter addressed to me or to “the Psychologist” stating that they are referring you or your child for a mental health issue. The MHCP is not considered by Medicare to be sufficient documentation to attract a rebate.

Alternatively, if you are linked in with a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist, they can simply provide you with a letter addressed to me, referring you or your child for a mental health issue. No MHCP is required in this case.

If you have a referral, the rebate for each session is currently $124.50. No rebates are available however, for cognitive or educational assessments, according to Medicare guidelines.

An initial MHCP will entitle you to rebates for six sessions. If further sessions are required, you will need to return to your GP to have the plan renewed. You can have up to 10 rebated sessions per calendar year.

Helping children with autism initiative

A Paediatrician may also refer your child for an autism assessment under the Helping Children with Autism item numbers. In this case the rebate is $84.50 per session.  Many Paediatricians will provide you with two referrals. The first will be under the Helping Children with Autism assessment item numbers and the second under the Better Access mental health item numbers, to cover both assessment and ongoing therapy.

Medicare safety net

Once you have spent a prescribed amount on medical expenses per year, you may reach the Medicare Safety Net and further expenses will attract a higher rebate. Please contact the Medicare Help Line on 132 150 to discuss this further.