Autism Specific Services

There are a number of programs and funding arrangements for children who have already been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, or who are undergoing an autism assessment. Autism Victoria (Amaze) has some great information about how to sort through it all.

For children aged up to six years, the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Social Services (formerly FaHCSIA) provides grants of up to $12,000 to help families defray the cost of therapy services and resources that they may need for their child with autism. You can find more about this program at  Also, if you want more information about the general sorts of therapies that are available for your child, visit Therapy Connect.

Therapy services using this grant money can only be provided by approved providers. I am an approved autism panel provider (via Dr Eda Ruschena & Associates) so behavioural therapy,  parenting work related to autism-related problems, and transition work relating to Kinder and school can be funded this way, usually with no out-of-pocket costs.