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Who says you can’t get anything for free?

Here’s A Free Parenting Course!!

Sydney Uni’s Professor Mark Dadds and Associate Professor David Hawes and their team, have created a free online parenting course that you can start today if you want to. If you are struggling to manage your kids’ behaviour and home life is seeming a bit grim and frankly, unreasonably hard, then this may help you out. The course is presented in modules that will teach you skills in a structured way. You’ll learn about both responding to difficult behaviour as well as promoting positive behaviour in your kids aged 2 -16. I have participated in some of their ongoing education for psychologists several times over the last few years and have found their approach to managing difficult childhood behaviour to be sensible, practical and often very effective.  If the logistics of seeing a psychologist or other health professional seem impractical, then this is something you can do at home. And when I say free …. well there are always Ts & Cs aren’t there? There is no financial cost, but as it’s part of a research project, of course you will need to fill in some feedback questionnaires along the way. A small price to pay, I think. You can find it here: